CAMPOS makes pieces to be worn. We believe in timeless designs, in excellence on their execution and flawless quality of manufacture.

Everything we do, and the way we do it, is made for your CAMPOS garment to fit you perfectly and for you to feel so good in it that you’ll wear it for a lifetime.



Our motto. Inspired by woman, from style icons to the ones who are part of our daily routine, we have a very clear point of view of our mission: make iconic pieces with a modern twist.

Elegant, practical and comfortable, our designs are developed with utility, versatility, wearability and longevity in mind. But also respect.

We believe in having time to create, that’s why our collections are limited in new designs: we like to take time to think, to research and to produce our clothes with care, love and respect for everyone involved.



Alexandra Neto

I always had a thing for “Classic with a twist” clothes. I think it’s a perfect starting point for you to express your personality. And, creating CAMPOS in 2019, was a very happy move, since I had a career as Head of Content and a personal blog for 10 years, both focused oh this theme.




We stand for lasting style, for quality and wearability. Creating timeless (yet modern) designs, to pass the test of time, CAMPOS’ believes in pieces to be worn a lifetime.

We work with a portuguese group of ateliers with hands full of experience in textile, that materializes our designs in good conditions, with respect and care.

On the process, we try to waste no fabric, avoid disposable materials, reuse them whenever possible and generate as little garbage as possible in daily operations.

Any questions or suggestions, please send us an email and we are glad to clarify and talk about it: info@camposstore.com