CAMPOS makes pieces to be worn. A lot! We believe in slow fashion, in pieces with great quality and timeless design for you to wear, in your own style, as many ways as you wish (take inspo in our Intagram and Pinterest profiles). This season. The next. And the next! 


That's also why we only make "3-piece-collections": we like to take time thinking, searching and producing with respect for all the people that work with us. 


The Author 


Hi. My name is Alexandra Neto and CAMPOS was born from my love with "classic with a twist" style. Above clothes I love personal style and basic/classic pieces work perfectly with that: they are like the perfect starting point for you to express your personality. 

Before CAMPOS I worked as Online Fashion/Style Editor and Digital Marketing in Fashion and Beauty area and had a blog for 10 years. Right now, because of my love for writting and express my fascination for style (and lifestyle) had to be associated with my great love, CAMPOS, we launched our blog, [C] JOURNAL, with weekly articles about (life)style.


Hope you enjoy to know us (me & CAMPOS) and, if you become a client, I would love to hear it from you.